Mission Statement

Urban Roots is a non-profit organization that revitalizes underused land in the City of London for agriculture by:

        • Producing high-quality, organic vegetables and herbs
        • Distributing produce locally, directly to consumers and to private and social enterprises
        • Developing agricultural opportunities for the neighbourhood, social enterprises, and community organizations within the City of London
        • Growing a self-sustaining, urban agricultural model to germinate to new sites
      • Our Vision 

        At Urban Roots London it is not just about cultivating food; it’s about nurturing communities, increasing food security, and fostering self-reliance in London. Together, URL and the community are sowing the seeds of positive change that will yield a bountiful harvest of resilience for years to come. Urban Roots London believes the roots of our food grow best when they grow together. 

      • Our Values

        Urban Roots is dedicated to fostering a sustainable and equitable food system through the following core values:

        • Economic Sustainability
        • Food System Equity
        • Meaningful Labour
        • Ecosystem Accountability
      • Through these values, we aim to create a food system that is not only productive but also fair, respectful, and environmentally responsible. 

Our Model of Thirds



Various community resource centres,   organizations, and religious institutions 



Farmgate, community pop-up markets, and social enterprise distribution



Restaurants, markets, and food distributors

Produce Tracker

Since our 2017 season, we’ve distributed over 82,884 pounds of produce across our three tiers.


Donated (lbs)


Affordable (lbs)


Wholesale (lbs)

Volunteer With Us


A big part of what makes Urban Roots London work is the many generous volunteers who have given their spare time to help prepare a vegetable bed, plant a row of beets, or pull what sometimes feels like an endless supply of thistle. As a volunteer board, we are humbled and very grateful for this support!

We hold regular drop-in volunteer sessions alongside our Farmgate market from May to October. If you are interested in volunteering, please email us in advance at volunteer@urbanrootslondon.ca. Unless there is heavy rainfall or a thunderstorm warning, assume that we will have a volunteer leader on the farm with a list of tasks that need to be done for your scheduled volunteer time. 

You are encouraged to bring your own gardening tools, but we also have some of our own available. We recommend that you bring water and wear clothes/footwear that you don’t mind getting dirty.

See you all soon!


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Growing Fresh, Healthy, Connected Communities

We deeply appreciate your support in helping us make Urban Roots a permanent fixture in our city!