Parkwood Institute Garden

This 2022 season we germinated to a new site in collaboration with Nourish Leadership and St. Joseph’s Health Care London. Urban Roots London staff created a new  3128-square-foot garden along Wellington Street at St. Joseph’s Parkwood Institute. The food grown on-site goes directly into the kitchen at St. Joseph’s Health Care London to bring a farm-to-table experience for residents and patients. The site has garnered 200 lbs of produce since planting began in late June 2022! The garden produced a variety of herbs and vegetables, including tomatoes, potatoes, radishes, green beans and green onions.

The garden allows Parkwood to test growing foods on-site and learn how we can better support the menu planning and offerings to patients and residents. Through the garden, we also explore cost savings and the reduction of waste, including packaging, associated with harvesting our own foods. Like us, Nourish Leadership believes in the power of locally grown food to create healthier, more resilient communities. We are so excited to be a part of this project and look forward to what next season will bring!

In 2024, Parkwood Garden undergo an Indigenous naming ceremony in partnership with Nourish Leadership and Atlosha Family Healing Services. The garden is now named Onuhkw:t Tsi’tKah^tay^’. The Phonetic Spelling:  First word: Ho-new-gwat Second word: Geet-Guh-Haw-Die-yah Atlosha uses the raised garden beds in the garden to grow their traditional healing medicines. 

Growing Fresh, Healthy, Connected Communities

We deeply appreciate your support in helping us make Urban Roots a permanent fixture in our city!